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We are happy to welcome you at Draw Me A Jewel - online jewellery illustration school.

Whether you are a professional jewellery designer or just a beginner, we have a course for you. In our school we teach professional jewellery illustration technics in a relatively short time and easy to follow manner. We explain essentials and teach you to understand light as designers do and draw from your mind, not coping from the picture.

After 5 weeks of our online course you will be able to add jewellery illustration skills to your portfolio or bring them to the next level. Or maybe draw your dream jewel!
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Our students' works
Our groups are diverse and open for everyone, with or without prior experience in drawing. Clear step-by-step instructions make the technique accessible for the beginners, but there are enough details to master (and not to get bored) for the professionals.
Guzel Umlaut
Drawing gems Foundation, Week 1 - opaque and transparent cabochons
Оружие и доспехи
Drawing gems Foundation, Week 5 - gemstone compositions

Drawing gems Foundation, Week 5 - gemstone compositions
Западноевропейская скульптура
Произведения от VI до XIX веков
Старинная антикварная мебель из коллекции, собственноручно собранной В. И. Поленовой
Drawing gems Foundation, Week 1 - opaque and transparent cabochons
About the school
We aim to empower jewellery creatives with essential communication skills, teaching professional jewellery rendering techniques in a short time. We value traditional crafts, open to new technologies and kind people ❤️.
"Draw me a jewel" is a community and online illustration school that brings together professionals and enthusiasts of jewellery illustration.

It was founded by jewellery designer, CSM graduate Inesa Kovalova in 2016 from a desire to share her passion for jewellery hand painting craft. Combining her drawing skills with extensive practical experience in the industry, Inesa worked out a series of jewellery drawing programs of different levels for jewellery designers and lovers. Before starting online she has been teaching around the globe since 2016. For her masterclasses, Inesa collaborated with different art and design institutions, including Victoria and Albert Museum in London and DIVA museum in Antwerpen. In 2020 Draw me a jewel illustration school launched the first online course for jewellery illustration. Since then more than 500 students all over the world have taken our courses. Currently, the school is offering courses on essential jewellery illustration techniques such as "Sketching jewellery" for markers and "Drawing gems" for gouache painting. The range of courses led by professional tutors is expanding, aiming to empower jewellery designers with all necessary skills for excellent professional communication.

Meet Our Team
Inesa Kovalova
Founder & Creative director,
tutor of Drawing Gems Foundation and PRO courses
Arina Pakina
Brand manager
Iryna Vasylenko
Sketching jewellery tutor
Tatiana Dzhan
Technical support