Art of jewellery gouache painting
Jewellery gouache painting is a precise and creative craft, treasured in historical jewellery houses as an important part of their heritage. Every jewellery drawing is a tiny masterpiece seen to hold the same importance as a jewellery piece itself.
From faceted gemstones to pearls, discover a range of gem varieties and cuts and learn drawing techniques used in the jewellery design industry.
Take a step towards your dream jewel - learn how to put it on paper

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Inesa Kovalova
International jewellery designer with extensive experience in drawing.

After the background in academic drawing from the art and architecture schools she developed her jewellery design skills at Creative Academy - private design school by Richemont group in Milan. There she worked on real projects for Richemont brands such as Van Cleef and Arpels, Vacheron Constantine, Roger Dubuis and others, followed by an internship in Van Cleef and Arpels design department in Paris.

Combining her drawing skills with extensive practical experience in the industry she worked out the series of jewellery drawing programs of different levels for jewellery designers and lovers. Since 2016 Inesa has been teaching around the globe. For her masterclasses she collaborated with different art and design institutions, including Victoria and Albert museum in London.

In 2019 Inesa received Masters degree in Jewellery at Central Saint Martins. Her personal design work is focusing on the exploration of the relationship between material, design and craftsmanship.

Who is this course for?
If you love jewellery and are fascinated by the magic of a jewellery drawing.
It is suitable for beginners and experienced jewellery artists, who have not yet studied the nuances of light, shadows in cabochons and faceted cuts.
Tilda Publishing
Jewellery lovers passionate about design and interested in starting painting their dream jewels
Jewellers, who want to learn how to visualize gemstones and want to learn how to sketch them for clients
Beginning jewellery designers and jewellery students
Experienced jewellery designers to improve their illustration skills
Everyone else who loves to draw and want to learn gouache painting technique
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The programme starts with drawing single cabochons and facetted cuts, that evolve into compositions with increasing complexity in every lesson
Lesson 1. Introduction to light and shadow. Drawing Beads and Cabochons
We will learn how light interacts with shapes (cubes, spheres, cones..etc) and how to create a 3D-volume by depicting light and shadow on a 2D image. In this lesson we discover how to draw opaque, translucent and transparent materials and practice drawing cabochons in different shapes and opacity. As a home task you will practice drawing cabochons and draw a bead and/or cabochon piece.
Lesson 2. Round cut diamonds
In this lesson we approach drawing transparent faceted gemstones starting with the round cut. Based on previous knowledge about light and shadow we deconstruct the volume of the diamond cut and learn how to approach illustrating facets on the stones of different sizes. You will practice by drawing a piece of jewellery with round cut diamonds.
Lesson 3. Facetted cuts

In this lesson we will advance further into facetted cuts and learn how to illustrate other shapes: pear shape, oval, marquise, baguette. Your assignment will be to illustrate a jewellery piece that combines different shapes of facetted cuts.
Lesson 4. Opals and Pearls
We will learn how to approach drawing gemstones with irregular structure and how drawing pearls is different from drawing beads. As a result of the lesson you will draw a jewellery piece with peals and opals.
Lesson 5. Drawing of the gemstone composition
Final lesson is dedicated to drawing gemstone compositions(jewels). We learn how to analyze the solid volume of a jewel, consisting of numerous gemstones, placed in different positions. We learn to position the drop shadow and place accents to make your jewellery drawings sparkle on paper. You will get a final assignment of the jewellery piece combining the elements that you leant in previous lessons.
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Understand various approaches to jewellery illustration and learn to work in the classical gouache technique.
You will learn fast and efficient ways to illustrate various gem cuts, choose the right approach to your illustration depending on your aims, the size of the drawing, time you have to finish it
Understanding of the volume of the object you draw, learn how to position light and shadow, and then depict them using gouaché
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Video lesson —> Homework —> Live webinar —>
Revising homework —> Video lesson —> Homework —>
Live webinar —> Revising homework
The course lasts for 5 weeks
Every week you will get access to the new video tutorial
You will be given a task and have 7 days to complete it
In the end of every topic there will be a live webinar that is a continuation of the lesson. There will be discussed the most common challenges and questions
Access to the group chat, where you can meet your fellow-students, make friend and share ideas
Tilda Publishing
To fully participate in and to complete the course assignments, please make sure you have the following materials:
  • Designer's Gouache paints
  • Dark tone colored paper 160-240 grm thickness
  • Grey tone marker
  • Brush
The complete list of recommended materials will be sent to the enrolled students together with a video explanation.
  • An up-to-date version of Google Chrome
  • A fast and reliable internet connection - a minimum of 1Mbps is required. You can check your network here -
  • Printer or access to printing facilities where you can print provided templates on the dark tone paper
Tilda Publishing
Combination of recorded lessons and live webinars
Feedback, additional explanations and Q&A with the tutor during webinar sessions
Accessibility for all levels

Informative video tutorials with step by step instructions clear for the beginners
Fascinating hometasks

Templates(tracings) of the existing jewellery pieces by well-known brands as practical assignments
Forums for support

Meet your mates in the Group chat! Here we discuss the ups and downs and support each other. Among classmates you will definitely find new friends and partners.
Lesson recordings

All the materials are saved in your personal account on the course platform and you can access them any time during 3 months.
Hadn't enough time to finish the course?
There is an opportunity to extend the access for additional fee
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Next course is expected in autumn 2021
Subscribe to our waiting list to know about it first! we don't send numerous newsletters, it will be just the one about the course start:) See you there!
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Is this course suitable for beginners?
Yes! Even if you don't have drawing experience, you're welcome to start and archive surprising results! Your personal result will depend on time and effort put into self-practice. Please, consider that all the students are of different levels and backgrounds and therefore all the results are different and not comparable .
Are all the students on the same levels?
No. There are complete beginners and more advanced students. The learning process is adjustable for different levels and results will also vary. You will have a chance to learn from your mates. When you already have some experience in jewellery drawing you will bring your skills to the next level by structuring your knowledge and extensive practice.
How many hours per week I need for the course?
We assume that minimal time you need for the course is 6-10 hours per week: lesson duration is 1-1,5h + 2 h webinar. Time for the homework and self-practice depends on you. Homeworks might be partly completed for a weekly review, minimal recommended time for this is about 3-4 h.
How long are all the videos available?
You have an access to the videos for 3 months. In case you'd like to prolong the access, it is possible for 35 EUR per month.
What time are the live webinars going?
As our group is international, we tried to choose the best time that can work for different timezones. Live webinars are scheduled at 3:00 pm LND/ 10:00 am NYC. However if you missed the webinar, its record is available soon after.
Will you be able to send printed templates?
Unfortunately, no. We are providing files that you need to print yourself on the recommended paper.
Will you be able to recommend suppliers of materials that we need?
Unfortunately, no. We are providing you the detailed list of tools and materials, but we are not able to recommend the suppliers as we don't know all the art shops in the world) You are welcome to share your recommendations with us for future students!
Will I get the certificate after finishing the course?
Unfortunately, no. However you will be able to prove your skills with your drawings.
Will I be able to create as good drawings as those posted on your Instagram?
The result depends only on you. For sure you will be surprised with your achievements! The maximum result you get after doing the hometasks properly and accurately.