The course "Jewelry Sketching with Markers" is a series of detailed online lessons by the jewelry designer and illustrator Irina Vasilenko, in which we learn how to draw metal jewelry with markers.

A sketch is a quick outline to convey your idea clearly and easily. Sketches in perspective are usually performed on a free scale "by eye". A sketch, depending on the degree of elaboration, can be both the final illustration of your project and its first outline. The ability to quickly visualize the volume helps designers to communicate effectively with manufacturers and customers.
Irina will share her professional secrets of quick and effective sketching of metal jewellery in perspective
Irina Vasilenko
Irina Vasilenko Jewelry designer and illustrator

Irina is a graduate of the Richemont Creative Academy in Milan and had an internship at the Cartier jewelry house in Paris. Also, Irina graduated from the architectural faculty of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. It was with architecture that her passion for sketching began more than 10 years ago and continued in fashion and jewelry. Now Irina works with companies all around the world, and she is also an illustrator of the Ukrainian Fashion Week. Some of her favorite techniques are watercolor and alcohol markers. Irina's sketches are vivid, lively, and elegant.
the course is for you
when you want:
  • to learn how to make quick volumetric sketches
  • to understand the basics of perspective drawing
  • to learn to work with alcohol marker
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    • People fond of jewelry who are passionate about design and want to start painting their dreams
    • Experienced jewelry designers who want to improve their metal jewelry illustration skills
    • Jewelers who want to learn how to make quick sketches for their clients
    • Illustrators who want to better understand the features of jewelry illustration
    • Beginner jewelry designers
    • Just everyone who loves drawing
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    The course program consists of 5 sections, each of which is devoted to a specific subject. The course is structured according to the principle "from simple to difficult". We'll start with the basics of shape construction and finish with three-dimensional sketches of the multi-piece jewels. Each section contains several jewels, united by one theme. Using their examples, we will step by step analyze the basic principles of space construction and work out techniques for depicting various colors of metal with alcohol markers.
    Introductory lesson.
    Basics of working with alcohol markers. Flood fill and tone gradient.

    We will get acquainted with the specifics of working with alcohol markers and learn the key techniques for working with them. We'll do exercises on creating gradients and solid flood fills. In the future, we will need these skills in every lesson.

    Week 1
    Volumetric and flat shapes.

    During the first week, we will learn the basics of light and shadow and how to convey flat surfaces and volumes. We will learn how to analyze the proportions of objects and make sketches; we'll get acquainted with the techniques of depicting white, yellow, and rose gold with markers. We will practice and reinforce the skills using examples of three jewels of different shapes and volumes.
    Week 2
    Perspective drawing.

    In the second week of the course, we will get familiar with the main types of perspective - angular and frontal. We will learn how to design jewels basing on simple shapes - a cube and a sphere. We'll know how to cut and complete volumetric segments. And of course, how to reveal volume with markers basing on knowledge of light and shadow.
    Week 3
    Rectangular and round sections of rings, chains.

    Every week, the tasks will become more difficult. We will learn how to construct rings with different cross-sections and chain links, we will learn how to sketch elements in planes perpendicular to each other.
    Week 4
    Dividing volumes in perspective.

    During the fourth week, we will reinforce the skill of sketching a frontal perspective and learn how to divide volumes in space. We'll draw a ring and a bracelet with repeating uniform elements.
    Week 5
    Smooth shapes, creases, and textures.

    The final week is devoted to drawing smooth shapes, creases and textures. We will learn how to analyze the volume of the jewel and stylize different types of surfaces with markers basing on our knowledge of light and shadow.
    In total, we will draw more
    than 15 jewels in 5 weeks!
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    To fully participate and complete the course assignments, make sure you have the following materials:
      • alcohol markers Copic or Winsor & Newton
      • color pencils
      • marker paper
      • lead pencil
      • liners
      A complete and detailed list of materials, as well as a video guide, will be sent to the students after payment.
      • An up-to-date version of Google Chrome
      • A fast and reliable internet connection - a minimum 1 Mbps is required. You can check your network here
    • Tutor's Feedback
      Feedback, additional explanations and Q&A with the tutor in the end of every week (for Full-pack)
    • Accessibility for all levels

      Informative video tutorials with step-by-step instructions clear for the beginners
    • Fascinating hometasks

      Drawing the existing jewellery pieces by well-known brands as practical assignments with step-by-step guides
    • Forums for support

      Meet your mates in the Group chat! Here we discuss the ups and downs and support each other. Among classmates you will definitely find new friends and partners (for Full-pack)
    • Lesson recordings

      All the materials are saved in your personal account on the course platform and you can access them any time during 3 months
    • Hadn't enough time to finish the course?
      There is an opportunity to extend the access for additional fee
    Light / Independent

    260 EUR

    -5-week course with 9 hours of video lessons
    -step-by-step instructions for each task
    -access to materials for 6 months

    Full Pack - with tutor's feedback

    480 EUR

    -5-week course with 9 hours of video lessons
    -step-by-step instructions for each task
    -individual feedback from the tutor on your assessments every week
    -access to materials for 6 months

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