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We are happy to welcome you at Draw Me A Jewel - online jewellery illustration school.

Whether you are a professional jewellery designer or just a beginner, we have a course for you. In our school we teach professional jewellery illustration technics in a relatively short time and easy to follow manner. We explain essentials and teach you to understand light as designers do and draw from your mind, not from the picture.

After 5 weeks you will be able to add jewellery illustration skills to your portfolio or bring them to the next level. Or maybe draw your dream jewel!
Our courses
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Automn 2021
Drawing Gems
Foundation course
Learn to render gemstones in the traditional jewellery rendering gouache technic
January 2022
Drawing Gems
Next step for those who did a foundation course and want to go further into the details
September 2021
Sketching Jewellery
Fast and efficient ways to sketch in perspective with markers.
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Our students' works
Экспозиция музея-усадьбы включает наследие княгини В.И. Поленовой, представляющее культуры разных стран
Скульптура востока
Памятники скульптурного искусства Японии, Китая, Кореи и Индии
Оружие и доспехи
Коллекция включает памятники европейского оружейного искусства XI – XVIII веков
В составе коллекции присутствуют ткани, ковры и костюмы России, Китая, а также европейских и африканских стран
Западноевропейская скульптура
Произведения от VI до XIX веков
Старинная антикварная мебель из коллекции, собственноручно собранной В. И. Поленовой
В фондах библиотеки хранятся редкие, а порой и единственные издания XIII – XVIII веков
About the school
Draw me a jewel is a community of jewellery enthusiasts passionate about hand drawing. We value traditional crafts, open to new technologies and kind people.
Draw me a jewel initiative has been started by jewellery designer Inesa Kovalova from the desire to share her passion and meet likeminded people. First it was an offline course in collaboration with "New Jewellers" association and Tatiana Pashutina in Moscow. In 2017 Inesa was invited by Victoria and Albert museum in London to bring "Drawing Gems" course to the museum educational program. Since then many workshops were held in London, Moscow and even Shanghai! Our community has grown internationally and we decided go online in 2020. We love working with friends. Inesa was joined by her friend gemologist and brand manager Arina Pakina and together they brought
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