Drawing Gems
Level PRO
For the "Drawing Gems" Basic course graduates, who would like to continue mastering gouache painting technique
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Five week of intense practice and plenty of new jewellery templates. We will learn painting metal elements in different colors of gold and pave set elements. The program will help you to expand your jewellery illustration vocabulary and you will be able to approach illustrating elaborative high jewellery pieces. To practice new skills, we prepared for you a selection of iconic jewels with increasing complexity in every lesson. Each week you will have homework: exercise and few jewels to illustration. Additionally, you are welcome to draw your own design using elements similar to those specified.
Program is not available for independent learning. There will be weekly group feedback webinar, where Inesa will help you to understand how to improve your work further.
Lesson 1. Shape and volume in metal: white / yellow / rose gold.
We will refresh our light-shadow understanding and learn how to approach drawing various metal volumes: plain and angled surfaces, spheres, tubes, chains and toruses.
We will practice drawing them in different colors of metal.
Lesson 2. Ribbons and knots
Let's have a detailed look into ribbons and knots! We learn how to construct them and how to approach translating folded volumes on paper. Of course, in different metal colors. After the lesson you can easily draw your own precious bow.
Lesson 3. Pave setting / Part 1.

In this lesson we will apply diamond pavé to flat surfaces and volumes.
Lesson 4. Pave setting / Part 2.
Pavé setting of colored stones on the flat surfaces and volumes.
Lesson 5. Multy-element composition combining the material learned on the course
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